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Our local artists, restaurants and cultural institutions are really at the heart of who we are as a city and a community and we fear we may lose a little piece of our humanity in the crossfire if we didn't step up and do something. So, let's all come together  and help spread creativity and humor faster than COVID-19




La  Cocina  is committed to supporting local businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space to underrepresented, working-class food entrepreneurs who may be struggling with the shelf shelter right now. 


Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund  is a resource for performing arts workers who

are facing a loss of income due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 



  The "Marina's Got Talent" Virtual Talent Competition: 

7pm on Friday, May 15th

"The Marina’s Got Talent” Virtual Talent Competition will be streamed via Youtube Livestream where attendees will be able to participate and enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Prior to the event, creative bay area residents are being asked to submit an original video in the categories of monologue, short film, stand-up comedy routine, dance or song in the spirit of the Self Shelter or The Marina itself, preferably both. Attendees will then be able to vote for their favorite video submissions. We will provide everyone access to the talent competition via a link we will provide on the day of the event.

Watch LIVE @




Video Submission Deadline: 

How to Submit a Video?

Noon PT on Wednesday, May 13th  

* Submission types include monologue, short film, stand-up comedy routine, 

 dance song or Tik Tok Video.

* Max 3 minutes unless given a previous exemption

* Please shoot horizontal (16x9). Do not shoot vertical

* Projects must be shot in your home with your own equipment 

* Will be judged on creativity not production quality

* Please do not put anyone at risk. If you are feeling any symptoms please work alone.

Talent Winner Prizes

* $500 Cash Prize

* The Covies TP Talent Winner Trophy

* "Stay Palm and Carry On' punchbowl package from Palm House

* "Tini Time' hat sweatshirt and Tinis to go package from Balboa Cafe

* "Wine Not? Wine tasting package from Good Taste Wines


Runner up Perks

* $100 Cash Prize

* The Covies Talent Runner Up Trophy




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Have Questions?

Contact us @marinasgottalent.com

No liability or responsibility is assumed by The Marina’s Got Talent organizers.  All participants and contributors agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The Marina’s Got Talent organizers, sponsors and judges from and against any and all claims arising from, or in connection with, my / our submission. Contributors shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary steps to protect any and all copyright associated with their submissions.